Fee Schedule

Account History (per month) $1.50
Account Reconciliation (per hour) $20.00
Balance Verification Letter $10.00
Bill Pay Service FREE thru Home Banking
Bill Pay Concierge $20.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal interest earned
Close Account (within 90 days of opening) $25.00
Copy of Cleared Check / Share Draft FREE thru Home Banking
$5.00 thru CU Office
Counter Check $1.00 each or
$5.00/8 pack
Dormant Account Fee (after 1 year of inactivity; per month if Balance < $50) $5.00
Escheat Fee $25.00
Garnishment Processing $20.00
Home Banking FREE
IRA External Transfer $20.00
Money Order (per item) $2.00
Overdrafts (per item) $30.00
Returned NSF Drafts/ACH Debits (per item) $30.00
Returned Deposited Item $30.00
Statement Copies (per statement) FREE thru Home Banking eStatements
$3.00 otherwise
Statements (paper version mailed to home on recurring basis) $2.00
Stop Payment on Check or ACH (single item) $30.00
Stop Payment on Check (series of 3 or more) $75.00
Stop Payment on Credit Union Check $35.00
Travel Money Card (new card and/or reload) $2.50
VISA Gift Card $1.50
Wire Transfers:
Incoming FREE
Outgoing (domestic) $10.00
Outgoing (foreign) $25.00
ATM / Debit Card Fees:
ATM Card  $5.00
ATM / Debit Card Replacement  $5.00
Balance Inquiry $0.50
Non-Proprietary ATM Network Fee (per transaction) $1.00
NSF Transactions (per item) $30.00

No surcharges will be assessed to NNMECU cardholders who use our ATM machines. When you use an automated teller machine not owned by us, you may be charges a fee by the ATM operator or any network used (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund transfer).